"A Passion for Service" Mini-Power Session

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In the “A Passion for Service” session we will define the most critical thing you can do to lead and engage your team in a post Covid-19 world. This session is the shorter version of the longer online workshop called “A Passion for Service: Leading and Engaging Your Team for Service”. Currently, many organizations are dealing with low levels of commitment and engagement. Whether you lead a team of two or several thousands, the engagement energy of your team will be the critical difference in your success. The greater the engagement of your team, the greater competitive advantage you will have and the greater your business results. With this session, you will come away with a clear direction of how you can positively impact on your team’s engagement. 


On this webinar, you will learn:

  • The most critical thing you can do to engage your team and revitalize commitment and energy.
  • The specific behaviors of leading via “purpose” and the enormous positive business impact that will result.
  • How to leverage a concept called “Moments of Truth” to engage your team and elevate service.

About Pete Folch:

Pete Folch is a professional keynote speaker, leadership coach & published author with expertise in design, development and delivery of management training and leadership development. 

His greatest career accomplishment: Revitalizing team energy and transforming culture for 55,000+ employees in over 400 restaurants in the U.S. & Canada | Darden Brilliance Award Winner| 100K Ultra-Marathoner | Coached & trained 45 runners to complete their first half or full distance marathon | As a contract trainer (2016 and 2017) earned national top ten finalist in highest customer satisfaction | Long history of helping teams in corporate training roles and as a  consultant with achieving record high guest satisfaction| Dedicated “hands-on” servant leader| Pete will help unleash potential, facilitated new energy, and ultimately “redefine the possible” with your team!

LEARN MORE ABOUT PETE and his company: Second Wind-Finish Strong, Inc.