How To Improve Your LinkedIn ePresence

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Improve your LinkedIn ePresence! Need a better presence on LinkedIn to influence more business? No time to upgrade your profile or want to know where to start? Join us so you can learn the best practices to optimize a LinkedIn profile.

Mark Galvin, founder of ePresence and LinkedIn expert, is joining us to share LinkedIn tips and tricks. He will highlight 5 KEY elements of your profile. Join this session and learn how to • Have an All-Star level of presence on LinkedIn• To influence your connections and build brand equity• Use your time to upgrade your profile quickly

About Mark Galvin:

Mark Galvin is the President and Founder of ePresence, a digital marketing firm that manages social media for companies, organizations, individuals and college students. He is a personal social media expert and specializes in blending technology, marketing, networking and social branding. Would you agree that a digital first impression is made on LinkedIn? Is professional social media a good place to influence people to work with you or your company? Would you agree that social mediums are changing so much it is hard to keep track of all the updates? Mark is here to answer those questions and more about Linkedin—the professional social media platform we are all using. After today, be sure to add his podcast, “How’s Your ePresence?” to your podcast app to continue to hear about the changes in professional social media. It can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Alexa and all major podcast sites.