Mastering the Art of Virtual Networking Events

Tags: Networking

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your virtual networking events, you want to attend this event!

Some key takeaways include: 

  • Where to find virtual networking events
  • Planning, conducting and after the virtual networking event
  • Experience a powerful attention exercise to be more present, relaxed and calm before, during and after your virtual networking events 
  • YouTube link to continue practicing the powerful attention exercise

About Karrie Klimas:

Karrie Klimas is a Self Discovery Life Mastery Coach as well as trained in communication, relationship and networking skills.

Karrie’s passion is building relationships for long term success. With several years in network marketing industries, corporate world and retail sales experience, networking, marketing and presentation skills, she is an expert in her field. 

Having experienced the Self Discovery Life Mastery Process since 2011, she is now inspired to train, support and empower ambitious individuals to create extraordinary results immediately and live their ideal life with less stress, more ease and a deeper sense of well-being.