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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

In a world where digital media is rising in popularity, once-standard print advertising methods may not be seen as frequently. If you’re considering ordering business cards for your business, you may have wondered: are business cards still relevant? In a world where technology seems to be a primary method of research and communication, many businesses wonder if it is still worth the cost to have business cards printed.

Below, we’ll dive deeper into this debate to help you consider what form of business cards are best for your business.

New Options: Digital Business Cards

Some business professionals argue that paper business cards are simply out of date and no longer necessary. As people have now opted for virtual gatherings via zoom and other platforms, there are fewer in-person interactions where you would physically hand out your business card to someone.

As such, many people now opt to use digital business cards. Digital business cards can be exchanged through various platforms. These can be shared via email, text, or a scannable QR code. Not only is this easier for some people, but it can also help businesses save money on the costs associated with printing business cards.

Proponents of digital business cards argue that paper business cards are a waste of money, as research shows 63% of cards are thrown away. Some other benefits of digital business cards include:

Save paper and help support great environmental practices

Digital business cards allow you to quickly change your contact information without the need for costly reprints

You can also add more media, like photos and videos to digital business cards

Though these digital business cards may be more popular amongst the younger generation, many older or old-school business professionals argue these digital business cards have limitations. First, they lack the physical contact of handing someone your business card. Many professionals argue that this physical paper card adds a level of professionalism to help gather clients.

Using Paper Business Cards

Many old-school business professionals continue to use business cards. In certain industries and for certain people, business cards are still truly relevant. There are some advantages to using business cards, which include:

They’re faster than digital, as they are simply handed to another person. For non-technology savvy people, attempting to share or obtain a digital business card may just be too complicated.

Not everyone owns a smartphone or enjoys communication electronically.

Business cards offer an extra level of professionalism. In some settings, opening your phone may make you appear uninterested or not engaged. It may not be professionally appropriate to use your phone to exchange contact info in all settings.

Business cards are more versatile in all settings, especially those where you may not have your phone handy.

Some proponents of paper business cards argue that it makes a better first impression when you hand someone a quality printed business card.

Using Business Cards Effectively

If you still opt to use paper business cards, there are many more recent trends to help set yourself apart from the competition. To make your business card more effective, say goodbye to traditional and boring business cards that have been used for years. Instead, try some of these new 2022 business card trends.

Say goodbye to traditional rectangle business cards. Many new design trends indicate businesses are opting for more unique shapes, such as rectangles with soft edges, or even squares.

Adding a QR code to the business card is a way to show you’re still modern and up-to-date with newer technologies. QR codes make it easier for potential customers to quickly access your website.

Bright and neon colors can set your business card apart and ensure it’s more likely to stand out amongst a sea of boring business cards from other businesses.

The Choice is Yours

Whether you choose to use traditional print business cards or opt for more modern digital business cards, both options are relevant choices. The choice is ultimately up to the individual, depending on which they feel more comfortable with and their specific industry. Both types of business cards are still relevant in 2022.

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