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Are You Making These Email Marketing Mistakes?

Email marketing is a great part of any marketing strategy, but there are mistakes that many businesses make. When you get your email marketing campaign underway, pay attention to sales figures. If you’re having trouble getting sales from your emails, you may be making one or more of these mistakes.

Using Lackluster Subject Lines

Almost half of all those who get emails decide whether to open them or not depending on the emails’ subject lines. The subject line of the email can also get it classified as spam. When you’re creating your emails, pay special attention to creating a compelling subject line. It can make or break that email’s effectiveness.

The subject may be too boring to persuade the recipient to open it, but more often, it’s just too over-hyped. If you’re using all caps in your subject, end that practice right away. This is a common way to get it labeled as spam. A good subject line is exciting but personalized and has a simple message that is both concise and professional.

Omitting the Call to Action

Every marketing email should have a specific purpose. That purpose doesn’t have to be to make a sale, but there should be an action that you want its readers to engage in. The information that you provide should be helpful and well-aimed at the recipient, but it also has to lead them toward that specific action. Of course, overdoing your CTA can also be a big mistake. Make it clear to readers what you want them to do, but don’t demand and overly explain why. Let them know what you want them to do, and explain it simply and professionally so they see what’s in it for them.

In addition to having a CTA, you need a button in the email to allow them to get to that action quickly. Clicking the button may not complete the action, but it should allow them to easily carry it out. Make sure that going from the button to the action is easy and takes just a few clicks or less. Make the button immediately obvious so readers don’t have to go looking for it. Each email should ask for just one thing, ideally. If you have a lot of CTAs to different actions, it could confuse readers or cause them to avoid any action.

Failing to Segment Subscribers

Not everyone on your email list is alike, and it’s important to keep that in mind when you’re setting up your email marketing. If you have just one email to send out to everyone, there are certainly certain times when this is needed. However, many of your marketing emails should be sent out to certain segments of your list so that it pertains more to those who receive it.

Depending on what you sell and how you do it, this may mean segmenting subscribers by their age, where they live, their language, their interests, etc. You can also segment them by their buying habits. Once you have these segments, you can tailor emails to each group. This will allow you to market more expertly to that category and deliver messages that they are more likely to read.

Skipping the Initial Email

When someone has subscribed to your email list, they need a welcome email that will be sent to them when they sign up. When people subscribe, you know that they’re interested in your messages at that moment. That’s why you need to strike while the iron’s hot and send them an email right away. These emails have been found to have higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates than the subsequent emails sent out later. These welcome emails are a great way to connect to your subscribers and keep them interested in your business.

Hoping for the Best

When you send out your marketing emails, how do you know how effective they are? Are you just sending them out and hoping for the best from them? This is a great way to fail at this marketing opportunity. To succeed, you need to track how each campaign performs. Use tracking software that is integrated into your campaign to find out which emails are getting customers to take the action you want them to. When you find an email that does well or badly, you can take that into consideration for the next one and what it contains.

When you take the time to create marketing emails that are professional, to-the-point, concise, segmented, you can count on having better emails that will convert better instead of confusing or annoying customers. Make sure you track them so that your campaigns are continuously being improved. With better marketing emails comes better results.

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