7 Mistakes That Are Making Your Job Search Take Longer

Tags: Communication,Growth Strategy,Lifestyle

In this webinar, Melisa will walk you through the elements of a successful job search and the 7 common mistakes she sees countless professionals making in their job search. She explains each of the 7 mistakes so you'll know which mistakes you're making. And finally, she'll give you the action plan for avoiding and/or overcoming each mistake. You'll leave the webinar knowing: Exactly how to adjust your job search to start landing more interviews and ultimately offers you'd be thrilled to accept.

About Melisa Liberman:

Melisa Liberman is an award-winning executive coach and former tech executive who helps tech leaders achieve their biggest career goals. For many of her clients, that's overcoming self-doubt to land a role where they feel fulfilled and valuable again. For others, it's developing the strategies, tactics and mindset to overcome imposter syndrome and advance in their current organization.

Melisa is the host of the weekly Grow Your Independent Consulting Business Podcast where she shares actionable strategies and tools to accomplish specific professional goals, such as Managing Your Career After 40, The 7 Mistakes That Could Be Slowing Down Your Job Search, The 3 Step Framework to Improve Your Executive Presence and more.