Fill Your Email List With Your Ideal Buyers (without spending a fortune on ads)

Tags: Business Growth

Learn how to Fill Your Email List With Your Ideal Buyers (without spending a fortune on ads) with Lisa Pecunia. 

About Lisa Pecunia:

Lisa has been working in online technology for 25 years, both in the corporate world and in her own business. She has built hundreds of digital products worth millions of dollars for a variety of clients and employers, large and small. In 1998, the second tech startup company she worked for shut their doors. Having learned a thing or two about starting up companies, Lisa hung out her own shingle and started building websites. That being the dot-com era her business took off like a rocket and she had the pleasure of working on quite a variety of projects for dozens of clients. Managing her consulting company was incredibly fulfilling. It also provided her with a massive education, including how to do online marketing. The internet was a roller coaster ride during those years, and Lisa eventually decided to close that company in order to simplify her life. In 2008 she started working with small local business owners, teaching them what she had learned about creating an online presence for a local business. That was when she realized that she loved teaching more than building software. Since then, her business has continued to evolve and get even more focused. Now she helps entrepreneurs design and implement a high-converting digital marketing funnel to launch and grow their online business. Lisa offers this via online programs such as courses and a monthly membership, as well as individual mentoring and training.