Rescheduled: Podcasting for Business: Why and how to get started with business podcasting

Tags: Public Speaking

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On Tuesday, April 20th join us as Brian Alves teaches on Podcasting for Business: Why and how to get started with business podcasting.


From a business point of view, podcasting can be an incredible marketing tool. It might not work for every type of business, but for those that it does work, it can yield great results: a new audience, more trust and loyalty and even more clients and sales. 


In this presentation, Brian talks about business podcasting and why and how to get started with it. 

You will Learn: 

  • Your toolbox 
  • Podcast Examples 
  • Planning Your Podcast
  • Getting Your Ideas Together 
  • Brainstorming Sounds 
  • Podcast Structure
  • Podcast Production 
  • What Makes A Good Interview? 
  • Preparing For Field Recording 
  • Scripting Your Podcast 
  • Voicing The Podcast 
  • Production Tips

About Brian Alves:

Brian is on a mission to rid the world of bad video. He's in the business of sharing years of acquired video production knowledge, tips, tactics, tools and successful techniques with those who seriously want to create video that increases business. With live webinars, recorded workshops, free content on his website, one on one coaching and a podcast that reaches 250,000 weekly listeners who hate everything he has to say, he opens the eyes of small business owners who always walk away with the ability to produce engaging, compelling video content on their own.