Step into your CEO

Tags: Branding,Business Growth,Communication

Ready to fully step into the next best version of yourself? In this webinar, Jen will share with you the 3 characteristics that will have you stepping into the shoes of your own CEO. You won't want to miss what they are!

About Jen Sugermeyer:

Jen Sugermeyer, Author | Life Coach | Speaker | Podcast Host

15-year Information Technology corporate leader, Jen Sugermeyer now coaches corporate and entrepreneurial leaders on how to get off the hamster wheel of existing and live higher so they can have greater levels of joy, wealth, health, and deeper relationships all while keeping up with life's responsibilities.  She focuses heavily on mindset and helps her clients create the life they want through her 5-Step RESET® plan.  Author of two #1 best-selling books, "RESET" and "Defining Your Boundaries", Jen has been featured on FOX, ABC, CBS, and on more than 50 radio shows, podcasts, magazines, and television shows!  She can be heard weekly on her podcast 'Level Up To 2.0' where she helps guests level up to the next best version of themselves.