The Art of Storytelling

Tags: Branding,Communication,Storytelling

In today's career world, storytelling is probably the most important skill for advancement. In fact, research shows that messages delivered as a story are 22x more memorable than just facts. Yet, most of us do not use it to our advantage. In this session, Vivek will provide an overview of why storytelling is so critical, share tips on how to use it to your advantage in your day to day, as well as share some stories on how it has helped him in his career.

About Vivek Bedi:

An engineer by education and entrepreneur by trade, Vivek is obsessed over pioneering initiatives that will change the way we work, live, and communicate. He spent his career focusing on people, innovation, and technology — the ingredients that hebelieves are fundamental to building a successful business. He's an experienced leader with the unique combination of deep product management expertise, disruptive executive leadership, and a portfolio of motivational keynotes that have inspired thousands of individuals.
Over his career journey, he had the fortunate privilege of driving explosive change across Fortune 100 companies such as Goldman Sachs and Northwestern Mutual as well as rapidly scaling multiple startups such as LearnVest, mySwapp, and SterlingBackCheck to reach success. Having led in both environments has taught him the lesson of blending aspects of the best of both cultures together, which is the key to a winning business strategy. He is passionate about sharing these lessons on stage so others can benefit from his experiences.