Simple Secrets to Unlocking Authentic Connection

Tags: Business Growth, Communication, Networking

About Michael Kahwajy-Hyland:

  • Michael Kahwajy-Hyland is a "Significance Architect" - his personal mission is to combat unintentional insincerity and guide people to create more meaning and significance in their lives.

    Through his entrepreneurial journey, where he's currently founded and running 3 brands, Michael has become known for his unique talents in representing significance, understanding and creating interpersonal connections, and forming unique strategies to reach goals. People are often intrigued by his successes connecting with  A-list individuals, creating a luxury writing instrument brand, and being a professional Lebanese dancer (his goal is to dance with Shakira one day).

    Since COVID hit the US, Michael has also journeyed into philanthropy, where he created a relief campaign to support and inspire small business owners and creatives.

    Outside of work, Michael listens to lots of "smooth" music, is working on increasing his vertical leap to 42 inches, and enjoys coaching other small business owners and driven individuals.

    As Michael would say, "Make today meaningful."