How To Be an Adviser - Not a Vendor

Tags: Sales, Growth Strategy

About Lenora May:

For the past six years, Lenora May has been VP of Business Development for the Los Angeles chapter of Sandler Training. She is excited to be educating CEO's, business owners, sales teams and entrepreneurs in the art of using communication skills for adviser based sales as opposed to the typical vendor approach. Lenora is from NYC, graduated from the University Of Miami with a BFA that led to a successful career for decades as an actor on stage,TV, film and commercials. After her first child was born, she headed to CSUN for a Masters in psychology and an MFCC license. When her second child came, she discontinued the program having worked as a behavioral therapist trainee for a year. Sandler Training allows her to utilize her communication and psychology skills as the system is based on a blend of sales and behavioral therapy. Lenora loves being a mom,working and traveling!