The 5 Key Principles to Boosting Revenue with Marketing

Tags: Brand Strategy, Lead Generation, Growth Strategy, Business Growth, Marketing, Professional Development

About Mark Howells:

  • Mark has 15 years of experience across all areas of marketing which started in the trenches, covering everything from content to analytics and advertising to automation. This base of knowledge allows him to pool information on what works and what doesn't when looking across an entire omni-channel marketing strategy.

    More recently, he has focused on branding, audience targeting, goal management, and overall marketing strategy, including both high profile aspects like company positioning, segmentation and messaging as well as more detailed aspects like their brand personality, voice, and imagery guidelines.

    As part of Dakota Ridge Marketing, he works on cohesive marketing strategies with an objective of aligning each client's industry landscape, target audience aspects, brand pieces, and marketing plans to develop strong marketing foundations. This work filters seamlessly into the developed processes for implementing the strategies effectively and achieving business growth.

    He works with clients in diverse industries ranging from accounting firms to athletic apparel, hot sauce CPG to children's products, and CBD to Enterprise SAAS with a focus on achieving revenue and profitability goals.