Twitter B2B Lead Generation Best Practices for 2020 and beyond

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About Jasmine Sandler:

  • Jasmine Sandler is a Digital Marketing Thought-Leader , with over 20 years of related client and speaking experience. She has delivered over 500 talks and training workshops on Digital Marketing Strategies for Business to Fortune 500 corporations, Global Member organizations and Universities. She is the Founder, CEO and lead Digital Strategist of Jasmine Sandler Media, specializing in Online Branding, Marketing Strategies and consulting for B2B companies. Jasmine has over 15 years of client experience, for brands and agencies, in leading global digital marketing programs and campaigns for companies including IBM, AT&T, ISO, Medtronic, Roche Diagnostic and many more. In her Digital Marketing work, she has been named (2012-2020) as a Google Small Business Leader in Social Branding, a Top 40 Global Digital Marketing Strategist in the industry, Top SEO consultant on Twitter and Top 17 Digital Influencers in Content Marketing.  In addition to this, she is the author of “How to Brand Yourself Online like a CEO”, a manual for personal branding online for business professionals.