You matter – Invest in yourself this year

Tags: Growth Strategy

About Sandra Knight:

Sandi Knight helps small to medium size companies including startups who have not had an HR presence. She analyzes the business to find areas needing improvement and attention. She works with companies on-site on a contractual interim basis as well as one-on-one consulting in order to assess and determine their needs.  She is skilled at identifying areas of inconsistency with thorough review of all HR activities and practices ensuring the organization is fully compliant. Sandi has seen it all, from union organizing and strikes to disaster preparedness such as hurricanes, tornados, and other crises in the workplace.  She is passionate about helping organizations create a culture of great employee experiences for them and their family.

Sandi is also an Executive Coach for the Corporate Management sector as well as Individuals aspiring to transform their lives to be extraordinary.  She helps executives improve their career strategy, leadership, and executive presence.