Everything You Need to Know About Flying Taxis

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on March 2, 2021 at 2:19 AM

Everything You Need to Know About Flying Taxis

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Technology is moving at the speed of light today and entrepreneurs are doing everything they can to innovate and prosper off their own success. Case in point, “the flying taxi.” The flying taxi, the new vehicle which will supposedly be in the air within the next five years, exists as actually what it sounds like – a flying vehicle designed to carry a limited number of passengers from point A to point B.

These flying taxis, it is the hope, will become the new form of transportation for maneuvering people short distances in a short timeframe. There are many questions which still exist about these flying taxis, but some which we’re already answering.

Weight Requirements

Flying taxis will, at least at first projections, look and work like helicopters. As such, every passenger will need to check their bags to make sure they’re light enough to snugly fit on the taxi and keep the vehicle from burdening weight it can’t hold.

Helicopters are fairly delicate vehicles which require regular maintenance and have specific requirements for who can get on and at what time, as they require careful balance to stay in the air and safe at all times. These flying taxis will have the same issues, but careful checking of bags “at the door” should alleviate much of the anxiety around any serious accidents.

Tuning into the Ride

It’s no secret that many passengers wear headphones and earbuds to create a relaxing environment when they go to fly, as the airport (and surrounding locals) can be extremely stress-inducing and almost dehumanizing. Flying taxi investors want to use these devices (headphones) as a means of giving passengers a unique and satisfying experience.

Passengers will be able to use their devices to communicate with each other during the flight and give essential information to each other as the flight is in progress, as helicopters are quite loud and require hearing assistance during their flights.

Everything in an App

The quest to put the entirety of our lives onto one app is going…quite well, actually. Examples exist already in the form of Uber and many banking and professional work accounts. The concept of accessing all necessary information and actions from one app is nothing new to the modern citizen and flying taxi investors wish to keep this concept intact with their new service.

They want passengers to access everything with just one app, for their luggage, ticket, and other essential components of flying. Investors are also hoping to connect their flying taxis with other modes of transportation, such as subway bicycling systems.

A Direct Path Forward

One of the largest headaches for any city planner is designing a system in which trips to the airport from a crowded city center becomes easier. This is extraordinarily difficult, as a bottleneck naturally occurs at many airport locations and slows down efforts to create multiple points of access.

Present and proposed solutions to this problem also usually prove to be fairly inefficient from an environmental and economic standpoint as well. Believers in the flying taxi hope to solve this problem as well, by delivering passengers directly onto the tarmac. Amazingly, flying taxis can help citizens bypass many lines in the airport and go directly to their plane, moving the entire line along by a substantial margin.

The Future is Now

Many are skeptical that flying taxis will simply never come to fruition, but there are ample reasons to be optimistic for the future. Wall Street billionaires are highly interested in the technology and are doing everything in their power to create a fleet of these flying taxis to ease traffic and congestion in crowded cities.

In addition, the technology already exists and is being improved upon with each passing day. The new fleet of flying taxis are predicted to be far cheaper and far more quiet than traditional helicopters, leading to other improvements within the industry.


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Tatiana Maldonado