Five Tips For Growing Your Online Events

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on October 29, 2020 at 11:22 PM

Five Tips For Growing Your Online Events

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Whether you’re just starting out and need to cobble together a nice crowd at one of your first events, or you own a large business with a following, growth is always great for business. Scaling your business through events, online and in person, can be a daunting task, but it’s easier than you may think. Follow these five tips and tricks to draw business and supercharge your growth.

Cultivate a Specific Audience

In business, audience is everything. Who you’re selling your product to and what specific features they want are the first two pieces of information you need to grow your events. Cater to your niche audience and focus on cultivating a good reputation among the specialists or hobbyists who are more likely to use your product before trying to branch out to a more general audience. Word of mouth is your best friend when growing your business, both early and late stage.

Be Proactive

Timing is everything in the business world. If you have an event that needs planning, plan it. Don’t wait or hesitate to organize details or start selling your tickets. The earlier you sell, the more hype you’ll build for the event, garnering the ever-elusive word of mouth so critical to business events. Your venue and any additional catering will also be grateful for your proactivity; the earlier you plan out your event, the less likely things will go wrong or an unforeseen snag will arise and throw the whole plan into jeopardy. If you’ve got confidence in your product, you should be be confident enough to sell tickets to an eager public who salivating at the chance to attend your event.

Utilize E-Mail

Market analytics has demonstrated time and time again the importance of great e-mail marketing. On average, people read their e-mail eighty percent of the time. Those are staggering numbers, behind only text message. E-mail is also one of the most actionable forms of communication, a great method for selling tickets directly and spreading the word. The best e-mails are sent to a specific demographic with a specific message in mind. Hook your reader and don’t let go, paint a picture of an event that they’d be foolish to miss. MailChimp has recently caught on in marketing circles – it’s a service which helps organizers personalize and target e-mails to any audience. It’s also useful for offering upgrades to current ticket holders.

Integrate Facebook Checkout

A common problem associated with selling an event over the internet is difficulty translating online interest into actual ticket sales. Consumers may like the idea of an event, but without a specific, concrete call to action, they won’t take the leap and purchase tickets. Facebook Checkout solves this problem by allowing fans to purchase their tickets directly through any Facebook event or information. This quick, simple fix leads to significantly larger ticket revenue on average, as consumers don’t need to browse around and waste time searching for tickets. The check-out is right there, in their face, directly on the page. This method also works on other popular platforms, like Instagram and YouTube

Analytics are Always Useful

In addition to knowing what you’re selling and selling it more efficiently, analytics are always useful in tracking your success and determining which methods are optimal for your business. You can track a number of factors, like people who land on your page and where those people are coming from to begin with. Tracking the whereabouts of your traffic will allow you to more easily and specifically target pages and other events that your clients are interested in, boosting sales and securing future knowledge about who’s interested in your product and why.

Growing your business and events can be frustrating, but there are many ways to improve ticket sales while staying on brand and under budget. Knowing your business, knowing your audience, and keeping track of the details of your sales are all important steps in supercharging your business growth.


Name: Tatiana Maldonado

Tatiana Maldonado