Maintaining your professional Network

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on October 3, 2019 at 3:11 PM

Maintaining your professional Network

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Attending a networking event is essential when it comes to building your professional network. But what happens once those connections are made? This is when the real work kicks in as maintaining your professional network is an ongoing commitment. Here a a few tips on how to effectively maintain your professional network.

Stay in Touch: Don't be shy! Stay in touch. Now this isn't to say you need to talk to every person in your network daily but to decide who you want to stay in touch with and how often. This will leave that professional lifeline open for years to come.

Add Value: In our previous blog " Following up After a Networking Event" we speak on adding value to your relationships. Its best to offer what you can do for them before asking what they can do for you. When you add value to the people you network with, you become indispensable which helps the relationship survive throughout your professional career. By doing this you can offer resources to your network ( offering referrals, recommending a job etc. ) which will in turn strengthen your relationships.

Show Gratitude: Showing gratitude to those in your professional network can go a long way. Expressing gratitude is crucial to building and maintaining healthy long-term relationships. Whether its sending a thank you note or something fun, always make sure to give thanks to those that have helped you along the way.

Don't Force Connections: Trying to connect with someone you met at a networking event but they aren't responding? That's ok maybe they are busy and didn't get your message or maybe they are not interested, either way don't become overly concerned with connections that aren’t mutual. These types of connections that are forced are not worth the connection as they will fade rather quickly.

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