Marketing on Instagram

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on August 20, 2020 at 6:27 AM

Marketing on Instagram

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Instagram has become more than a social media channel. The visual format of Instagram is particularly desirable to brand influencers and businesses seeking to boost ecommerce activity. With nearly 72% of Instagram users making clothing, beauty products, shoes, and jewelry purchases after finding inspiration from those products from Instagram, millions of businesses have taken advantage of the visual presence of Instagram marketing.

Although Instagram is relatively easy to navigate, there are several strategies that work best to create an Instagram page to successfully market a brand, product, or service. These objectives will create an optimized Instagram page to be utilized for marketing services.


Clearly define the goal and purpose of the Instagram page

The goal and purpose of the Instagram page should clearly answer the question of what you hope to accomplish with the Instagram page. Whether the reason may be to sell a product or service, or to create a community or bring awareness, the purpose should be included on the Instagram handle.

Switch your already existing Instagram account to a business profile

Switching your Instagram page handle to a business profile grants access to Instagram’s analysis tool, Insights, that provides the tracking metrics and impression statistics to track the reach of your posts and grasp an understanding of your audience.

Create an attractive and appealing Instagram Biography

Your Instagram page biography makes up part of your brand creative. The Instagram biography is also the first impression your clients and potential followers will see on your page. While limited to 150 characters, the biography should include the following: call-to-action, a link to track Instagram traffic, and any business related hashtags.

Partner with other Instagram influencers and handles to expand reach

Partnering with trusted industry influencers can lead to a boost in your product sales because the following of the industry influencer will trust their recommendation. The best way to do this is to first reach out to established influencers in your particular industry and personally reach out to them in regards to your product or service.

Create advertisements that will urge the public to purchase your product or service

Most of the success of an Instagram marketing page depends on the type of content on the Instagram handle page. The contents should be appealing, clean, and cleverly draw people into believing in your product or service.

Instagram marketing advertisements are attractive because they can be controlled as strictly as desired by the brand or business owner. The owner can control how much money to spend on the advertisement and how many advertisements are displayed at a time through its settings.

Sponsored advertisements allow for brands to use their photos to expand their reach of potential clients. Additionally, sponsored advertisements are not limited to new photos; existing posts can be transformed to sponsored advertisements.  Some of the Instagram advertisement channels include: photo, video, and stories.


Ultimately, an Instagram account that best suited for marketing purposes is one that is overall attractive, clear, and straightforward. These tools, while not exhaustive, provide basic steps to follow to ensure your Instagram page is fully optimized for marketing purposes.


Name: Tatiana Maldonado

Tatiana Maldonado