Marketing on LinkedIn for Free

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on June 12, 2021 at 2:52 AM

Marketing on LinkedIn for Free

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You might think that LinkedIn is used solely for the purpose of making professional connections. While millions of users are on LinkedIn every day trying to grow their network, and meet the right connections, that isn’t all it used for. 


LinkedIn can also be a great platform to help market your business. With the different tools that LinkedIn Marketing Solutions provide, you can do this for free. You don’t need a massive budget to reach the right people and market your business. 


So here are some great ways to get you started with marketing your business for free on LinkedIn. 


Make Use Of Your Company Profile Page

This seems simple but a lot of different companies don’t do this. If you’ve been on LinkedIn, you’ve likely seen different company pages without a single post or any engagement. They make the profile and never return to it. 


This is your best piece of free real-estate on LinkedIn. Use your company page. Like other social media platforms, make sure that you’re consistent with posting. Engage with people, and create high-quality content with some great visuals. 

This doesn’t cost a cent, and you’ll be rewarded if you keep up with it. 


Zero-In On Highly Targeted Customers

LinkedIn makes it easy to find your target audience quickly and easily. You can search the industry, jobs, and area of any potential customer who you would like to purchase your product. The search is advanced which allows you to find who you are looking for. 

Take the time to search for customers who could potentially buy your product. You can even send them a message if you think they would be interested. Doesn’t cost any money, just a little bit of time to do some research. 


Send Out Messages And Grow Your Email Marketing List

LinkedIn allows you to send out fifty messages at a time. Craft a strong message that details why the people that you have chosen should sign up for your newsletter. Keep doing the fifty at a time untl you reach a number that you’re satisfied with. 

Make it worth their while, because a lot of industry professionals are getting bombarded with messages all day. If it sounds like spam or doesn’t offer anything of value, they’ll likely delete it before they ever look at it. 


Post Often And Use The Right Hashtags To Go Viral

The more you post with consistency the more likely you are to have one of your posts go viral. Use the right hashtags and if the post gains enough momentum, Linkedin will put a spotlight on the post in one of their categories. 

When a post goes viral it has the potential to reach thousands and thousands of people. It can stay trending for a long time as well. The more comments and engagement the post receives will judge how long it stays relevant. 

Take the opportunity to reply to as many comments as you can and keep your post viral for as long as you can. 


Have All Of Your Team Create Profiles

A great way for your company to build trust is by having a face. Have everyone on your team create or update their profiles and add your company name. This way when people do land on your company page, they can see the employees and all of their accolades. 

Putting a face to your company is always a strong way to build trust. 


Join LinkedIn Groups And Stay Active

There are plenty of active LinkedIn groups kicking around that you should join if you want to grow your business. Search keywords that match your niche and check out different groups. Once you join some, add to the conversation. 

Share other members’ posts, comment, and create your own. There’s no sense in joining a group only to be a ghost once you’re in. The goal is to be active and add to the conversation. By doing this your chances of growing your business increase because you’re already speaking to the right people. 


These are all great ways to get started on LinkedIn. It can be a great platform for growing your business if properly utilized. Stay active, be consistent, and be trustworthy. These things don’t cost any money and will have a lasting effect. 


Many people think the only way to market online now is through ads. While ads are becoming more and more popular there are still many organic ways to reach your audience. It just takes time to build. So be patient.



Name: Tatiana Maldonado

Tatiana Maldonado