Network After Work Update: COVID-19, Virtual and In-Person Events

by James Miller

Posted on March 16, 2020 at 5:57 PM

Network After Work Update: COVID-19, Virtual and In-Person Events

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What a week It's been a whirlwind of canceled events, mass hysteria to the grocery store, toilet paper shortages, and dry, itchy hands from constantly dousing them with soap and sanitizer. It's been a week of confusion, chaos, fear, and uncertainty.

We take community seriously, and we want to make sure we do our part in keeping you, your families, and the broader community safe. We also believe this is the perfect time to reflect on our offerings and how we can grow and change in the future.

While our signature in-person events are postponed, here are the steps we are taking to keep our community safe while still offering chances to network and form strong connections within the business community.

All of these events are available with our new membership which includes unlimited access to virtual and in-person events for $9.99 a month or $59 for the year. We will have 8 different virtual networking opportunities for you each month beginning this week.

1. Virtual Online Networking Events - Starting this week, we will be offering multiple virtual networking opportunities. These events are the perfect opportunity to try virtual networking and stay engaged while we all practice social distancing and are likely working from home. Although many of our daily normalities are interrupted, we believe it is still essential to maintain relationships and build new ones. View Upcoming Events

2. Webinars and continued Learning - We are proud of the webinars and online continued learning we have offered thus far. As these are online events, this is a great time to join one of our webinars, like the one we have on April 7th from Stephanie Thoma on Networking for Career Uplevelers. We will be continuing to offer informational webinars, and these webinars are all complimentary. Topics include learning from world-class thought leaders, posing questions, and receiving answers from some of your favorite business leaders, career development, how to connect across cultures, and of course, networking. While we have offered webinars before, we plan to add more in the coming weeks as most of us will be gathering virtually.

3. Connection Request List - If you enjoy growing your network but can not attend our virtual or in-person events, this list allows you to forge new connections and also could use a boost, we offer a searchable curated database of over 1 million exceptional professionals. Click Here

4. Live in-person events - While we are well known for our in-person events, after all, it’s where we started, we will continue to offer in-person events when we can safely host events without any concern for your safety and overall health. When our signature live events get back up and running, there will be a fun update. We will be… Updating Name Tags - We all know how important it is to give back. While we all do this in different ways, we want to continue to support our overall community and what is important to you. We will be replacing our color-coded name tag system, which currently reflects your industry, with color-coded name tags that reflect a charity. We are excited to roll out this feature, if you have any charity suggestions, shoot us an email.

We want to thank you for your continued support over the past 11 years. While a lot has happened since our first event, current events are unquestionably something new. We want to continue offering content during this time of uncertainty; hopefully, it will help keep some normalcy in our lives while we deal with this pandemic.

If you would like to see any additional content that you don't see listed above, let us know!


James Miller - Founder

Network After Work