Pinterest Marketing

by Tatiana Maldonado

Posted on September 2, 2020 at 2:02 AM

Pinterest Marketing

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Pinterest is one of today’s top leading platforms for inspiration and sharing ideas. The platform has made the easiest and most efficient way for people all over the nation to find ideas and share inspiration. Users visit the platform monthly, weekly, and at times daily to find new recipes, products, articles, and more.


Now, although the platform is incredibly helpful and convenient for users like you and me, the real power of Pinterest lies with marketing for businesses. While many businesses tend to steer towards bigger platforms like Facebook and Instagram, few realize the power of Pinterest.


In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the basics of Pinterest while diving into the power of Pinterest marketing for businesses.


What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the leading social media platforms to date. To sum up the platform in a few words, it’s where users share resources, tips, ideas, and find inspiration. From book advice to recipes, the platform is filled with creative inspiration for users on whatever topic intrigues them.


Users can pin posts to boards, enabling them to keep them in a spot where they can go back and reference them when needed. For instance, one might have a board name ‘recipes’ to keep track of all the recipes that have inspired them for cooking.


How Many People Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media platform in the US. That puts it ahead of even Snapchat, as well as more popular platforms that you may recognize including Twitter. The stats for Pinterest are astonishing, especially when it comes to the number of users that the platform has.


Roughly 28% of US adults have a Pinterest account. There are over 200 million people that head to the social network to seek inspiration every month. Pinterest has a huge following with women, specifically moms. More then two-thirds of Pinterest’s users are women, and 8 in every 10 women in the US are on the platform.


Pinterest has 300 million global monthly users on the platform.


These stats are priceless for the Pinterest business marketer. Knowing how many people use Pinterest and who they are is invaluable information to have when you first begin your marketing efforts on the platform.


Pinterest Terminology Overview

As any social media platform does, Pinterest comes with its own terminology. For the newbie to the platform, you can begin to feel a little left out when everyone seems to be on the ‘in’ with the terminology and you’re left out. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.


Here are the top terms that you’ll see tossed around the platform and an overview of them so that you’ll be feeling like the Pinterest pro.



Pins are the main type of post to be found on Pinterest. A pin can backlink to the source. Pins include a video or image and text.



Think of a mood board and you’ve got the idea for a Pinterest board, except that a Pinterest board is digital. Boards are a group of pins all related to the same topic or theme that you have going. With marketing, this is especially important because users will be able to create and add to boards that have the theme of seasonal content or current events happening in the company.



If you’re familiar with the Instagram terms, then you should already know this term. Repins are Pinterest’s form of reposting. A Repin is when a user pins a post that they didn’t create to their board.


Promoted Pins

Promoted pins mean that companies have paid for one (or more) of their regular pins to be promoted. The pin will pop up in home feeds, include a ‘Promoted’ label, and will pop up in search feeds.


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