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The Top 10 Reasons Why Networking Is Still Important In 2022

Connectivity is at an all-time high, and networking is critical to expanding your brand or developing yourself in a professional setting.

That’s why we are digging up “The Top 10 Reasons Why Networking Is Still Important In 2022” and how keeping networking at the forefront of your journey can propel you to grow your business in the new year.

Career Development

Networking is the gateway to career development. Building meaningful connections within networking makes way for advancements in different professional settings. In turn, you are increasing your chances of hearing about unlisted job openings, thus getting ahead of the competition. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.


Networking provides opportunities that cannot be found on job sites or in want ads. Connecting with other professionals gets you into their network, giving you an entire list of contacts to seek guidance from.

Networking in itself produces a great deal of opportunities. When you network with people and start building connections, those connections also connect you with their connections. The opportunities are endless, from finding a new job, client leads, partnerships and more.

Shared Experience

Sharing experiences allows us to develop trusted relationships with contacts and share personal knowledge of a specific field. Better preparing you for job tasks, situational issues, and the “what to expect” of a particular career.

We see this continuously on social media, influencers, and creators connecting with their audience and sharing relatable experiences on specific topics. When coupled with engagement, these creators can seek guidance, advice, and help their audience, thus creating their digital network.

New Perspectives

Networking allows you to bounce ideas off of others, see things from different angles, learn new business techniques, and stay updated within specific industries. Meeting others with differing perspectives can deepen your understanding of a particular career or employer, educate you before landing an interview, and allow you to ask questions and receive experienced answers.

Foster Strong Connections 

Fostering strong connections to develop lasting rapport with potential clients, colleagues, and employers is an essential part of networking. Getting to know other professionals personally opens you up to a network of support, always willing to give advice and offer guidance whenever possible.

Widen Your Reach

Networking connects you with people you most likely never would have met or been introduced to, getting you face-to-face with them to discuss logistics and career development while introducing you to new industries.

We see this on social media platforms; engaging content not only boosts your audience but will also give your brand a voice, making you seem more credible – inviting professionals to take notice, allowing you to reach a wider variety of people.

A high percentage of employers are utilizing networking to either market their products or hire talent for their companies!

Explore New Careers

Networking opens you up to a world of new careers while making meeting and speaking with people in various professions simple. Allowing you to better understand your passions and potentially even help you find a job or company that you resonate with.

Market Yourself

Your contacts are happy to help you hone in on your skill sets and advise how to present that to others in your desired field, showing you how to best market yourself for specific jobs.

Boost your portfolio by utilizing the “endorsed” feature on LinkedIn; this will show you have a connection to another professional in your desired field and help you stand out to recruiters.

Build Confidence

Networking will give you a huge confidence boost in the professional setting. Getting to know new people will fine-tune your social skills and push you out of your comfort zone. Nothing makes us feel stronger in a professional role than knowing we have a supportive network of people we can turn to.

Personal Growth: Networking can help you in not only your business ventures but your personal life as well. You gain skills on how to network, build confidence and obtain a different perspective on your career path. Networking is also a great way to build life long friendships!

Networking is not just something people do, its a lifestyle and those that are most successful have adapted to and mastered this lifestyle. Great networks don’t grow on trees; you must initiate, build and nourish them to have long lasting relationships.

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