Build a World-Class Network - One Meaningful Connection At A Time

Membership Benefits

Generate Targeted Referrals & Leads

Members get access to leads that are highly targeted and pre-qualified by their network - this gives you the opportunity to convert at substantially higher rates than other marketing channels. Plus, we help facilitate those important connections with transactional alerts to give our members a competitive advantage.

Access New Opportunities

If you value connections that lead to joint ventures, partnerships, speaking engagements and access to VIP members, our membership opens the door to opportunities you won’t find on any other platform.

Unlock Personalized Advice And Mentorship

Getting the right answer from the right person at the right moment can change the course of your career. Our membership creates an environment ripe for mentorship, which allows you to tap into the expertise of your network when you need it most. And with access to our member-only live networking events, you can turn your online connections into real-life partnerships.


Message From Our Founders

- James and Samantha

Dear NAW Community,

We created the Network After Work Membership to provide an avenue for talented, like-minded people to spark meaningful connections and unlock new opportunities in their careers.

From Day 1, we have understood the challenge that professionals face in meeting people who share their job title and ambition for career growth.

Our membership is not only a way of making connections that drive immediate revenue, but also to build those valuable long-term relationships which set the foundation for exponential growth that will make a significant impact on your career.

Join us in our mission and start making connections that matter.

The Premier Networking Experience

There are three key components to creating the optimal networking experience. The Network After Work membership gives you access to everything you need to immediately start elevating your network and raising your professional ceiling.


A community is only as strong as the connections that hold it together. We carefully and thoughtfully curate our Network After Work communities to help you make more meaningful connections that will lead to real-life partnerships. As a paid member, your experience will be upgraded to getting unlimited and unrestricted access to connect with like-minded professionals who share your job title. This allows you to begin fostering these relationships online so that you can proactively schedule meetings with the people you’re most excited to meet by the time our next in-person event rolls around.


Members get unlimited access to webinars from industry leaders and CEOs at no additional cost. It’s common for professionals to frequently pay for seminars, masterclasses, and other professional development resources to try and take their skillset and knowledge to the next level. Investing in yourself through paid resources is great - getting access to them for free as part of your NAW membership is even better.

Networking Events

The crown jewel of professional networking; Network After Work live networking events are where career paths can be altered for the better, forever. From the moment you set foot inside one of our in-person events, you will find yourself face to face with a wide range of extremely talented and high-profile professionals, from executives to entrepreneurs and beyond. Becoming a member is required to register and attend our live events. This allows us to create the optimal user experience for our members to enjoy and continue to develop more actionable methods of making connections that hold genuine value.

Ready to Join?

Ready to place yourself in world-class company? We take pride in giving our members an unbelievable value that sets the stage for real-world career advancement - for only $39 a year. Most importantly, becoming a Network After Work member gives you the chance to bet on yourself and your ability to make the most of the professional opportunities that come your way. So when you find yourself standing in the same room as these distinguished professionals and fellow members, you’ll be in position to capitalize on these moments and change the course of your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our membership is designed for professionals at all levels. Because our matchmaking process is designed to help you make great connections with people at your similar job status, it’s effective for professionals at every level. Our networking events routinely include high-level executives meeting equally distinguished peers, alongside budding young professionals making their own connections as they begin their journey of building something noteworthy of their own.

A: Our paid membership includes all of the free features, but with unlimited access to webinars and courses, more actionable opportunities to make connections and join communities with like-minded professionals, and most importantly, the paid membership gives you access to register for live in-person events. The free account is great for getting a taste of what enhanced networking through Network After Work is all about - the paid membership allows you to transition into building real-world relationships that can create opportunities that would not be available otherwise.

A: The answer to this question depends on your intention for networking: are you looking to make real-life connections you can leverage for real-world application, or simply to increase the number of connections on your online profile? While you can certainly meet people online and hope to get lucky and find a like-minded, well matched counterpart, there’s a reason why we’ve had over 15 million matches created through our platform. We’re designed for people looking to make meaningful connections they can learn from and do business with - we’ll happily leave the more arbitrary metrics associated with networking to those other platforms.