In this Summit, 3 world-class entrepreneurs will share their secrets. Get dozens of innovative tactics that deliver results — in one inspiring place. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use formulas that you can use to Maximize Your Networking and Relationships. Our experts will share their winning strategies for success.

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This summit will teach you:

  • A Networking Plan – You’ve Gotta Have a Plan…A Roadmap!

  • 30-Second Commercial – You’ve Gotta Craft an Effective 30-Second Commercial!

  • Synergy Partners – Developing and Training – You’ve Gotta Develop and Train your Synergy Partners?

  • Referrals vs Leads – You’ve Gotta Know the Difference between a Referral and a Lead

  • Cardinal Rules of Networking – You’ve Gotta Know ‘em and Use ‘em!

  • How to Create Emotional Connections in a Digital Age

  • How to Emulate and Stimulate the Human Senses Through Digital Interaction, Campaigns, Podcasting and more

  • Relationship-Building Strategies to Strategically Expand & Leverage Your Professional Network

Get The Proven Tactics And Strategies Of

3 Successful Entrepreneurs

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Our Curated Lineup Of Networking Experts Will Teach Tried-And-True Strategies That Empowered Them To Build Lasting Relationships.

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Featured Expert Speakers

May 18th

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

Creating Emotional Connections Through Digital Channels

Kevin England

2:00 PM to 3:00PM EDT

Key Steps to Effective Business Networking—How to Make Connections and Seize Opportunities

Peggy Edge

3:00 PM to 4:00PM EDT

Leverage Your Network & Expand Your Opportunities

Erica R. Wexler

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How To Network Effectively And Build Lasting Relationships?

You’ll obtain exclusive insights and strategies from 3 Networking Experts who share the wisdom from their success.

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These speakers are almost impossible to reach. This summit is your chance to connect with them and learn from their success.

We’ve handpicked proven Networking Experts to share what’s working for them in the real world — and what will work for you.

We’ve handpicked proven entrepreneurs to share what’s working for them in the real world — and what will work for you.

These sessions are entirely virtual and FREE to watch from anywhere.

This Is Your ONE Chance To Get Exclusive, Powerful Content And Advice To Help You Maximize Your Networking And Build Lasting Relationships — For FREE.
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